Some may describe Her as a scintillating siren of sadism. Her beauty and intoxicating eyes luring you in eagerly until the moment you are before Her, all resistance has mysteriously melted away and you are left mindlessly open to whatever pain or pleasure She may demand from you!


Born an only child in South Africa, I quickly learned the benefit of the world revolving around My demands! Through school I was always trailed by a collection of sycophants who would do whatever I told them to do.

In My early 20’s I began to realise I had sadistic tendencies – to the chagrin of most of My boyfriends – who incidentally were soon discarded when they failed to let Me indulge My lust for inflicting pain!

It wasn’t until January 2006 when I was researching online how to become a dominatrix that I discovered online Financial Domination and built My very first FinDom website where I allowed a selection of men from all around the world to send Me cash tributes and buy gifts from My Amazon wishlist.

Over the years, I learned more about D/s and BDSM, owned many money slaves and developed into a formidable force of seduction, manipulation and superiority.

My fetish and Femdom interests are:

  • corporal punishment – caning, whipping, flogging, spanking, paddling, tawsing
  • ball busting
  • foot/shoe/boot worship, domination and dangling
  • pantyhose worship and domination
  • human furniture (foot stool, table, doormat)
  • clothed facesitting
  • chastity keyholding
  • jodhpur worship
  • hair/ear pulling
  • face slapping and spitting
  • nipple play and torture
  • bastinado
  • wax play
  • Goddess worship
  • tease and denial and orgasm control
  • ruined orgasms
  • verbal humiliation
  • velvet/velour fetish
  • sweaty sock fetish
  • financial domination shopping sprees
  • trampling
  • leather fetish, worship and breath play
  • slave training

For fun, I create pay-to-view photo series edging games, fetish videos (as well as custom videos) and share more of My personal life with My pets inside My exclusive fan club. For a very select few submissive gentlemen, I allow sessions with Me in person.

Find out how you too can please Me today.