I am a stunning, sadistic fetish Goddess in the UK. I was born bossy and curious and have developed into a fully fledged Female Supremacist. Since 2006, I have given sincere and obedient fetishists and submissives, all over the world, the honour of serving and worshipping Me online. My seduction, My control, My way, is My gift and you will rise up to honour and adore Me or remain a failure.

You can call Me, worship Me on webcam, collect My fetish videos or become My personal financial servant

In order to be My servant slave, you are expected to serve Me financially and share in My interests which include: financial domination, money slavery, goddess worship, woman worship, female supremacy, foot worship, female domination, male submission, service oriented submission, humiliation, chastity, orgasm control, clothed female naked male, CBT, D/s and S&M.

I DO NOT welcome sissies, time wasters, freeloaders or insubordination. 

A little about Me: I'm originally from South Africa but imigrated to the UK in 1999. I love total power exchange, I love being worshipped, adored and served financially. I am well read and well traveled with many interests, namely; philosophy, psychology, anthropology, spirituality and metaphysics, female supremacy, feminism, sexuality, art and nutritional therapy to name a few. I have bulging book shelves and an eager passport. 

You can exist as My puppet, My pet, My plaything, it really is possible, all you need is money and the willingness to obey.